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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Macaron's anyone!!!

Wow, I am into making these amazing things....Macarons...or... Macaroons as some say..If you have not tried to make them and you like to cook give it a go. The feeling of shear joy in looking at these little creations is such fun. If they do not look picture book perfect who cares..eat them anyway as they still taste sensational! For a bit of colourful Mosaic fun in the kitchen try making them in all different colours and flavours...so so pretty and tasty.

This picture is from the most amazing web site I have found - http://www.laduree.fr/...The history of the Parisian tea salon is intimately tied to the history of the LadurĂ©e family. It all began in 1862, when Louis Ernest LadurĂ©e, a miller from France’s southwest, created a bakery at 16 rue Royale in Paris.
The web site is so cute with little animated drawings and the "sounds" of the real Salon..it really makes me want to go there one day. Have a good look around the whole web site as it is wonderful!. You can translate it into English by clicking the little box in the top right hand corner. The shop sells the most amazing packages of their equisite baked goods..such a great gift idea for someone special..ENJOY.

I am off to get some more fine sugar today so I will keep you posted with my Macaron experiments. E-mail me if you have some fun makng them too, I would love to hear about it and if you send me a photo I will put on here for all to see.

My focus today is a Proverb by King Solomon (d.925 B.C.E.) in The Book of Proverbs (15:30):-
"A Cheerful Expression brings Joy to the Heart, and Good News gives Health to the Bones"

A wonderful book is :- Get Wisdom, Get Insight: An introduction to Israel's Wisdom Literature. by Katherine J. Dell. Smyth & helwys, 2000.

Be the bearer of only GOOD NEWS today!

Sending best wishes and prayers to all in need around the world today.

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