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"From little things Big things grow"

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Collage Fun

I have been having fun playing around with this collage today...turned out that I must have been thinking about Girlosophy!!
There is something very therapeutic about ripping up bits of paper and making these disparate images into a personal story. I love magazines but do not buy the scandal mags mainly House and Garden and Inside Out Magazine...I love flowers and interesting gardens and all types of interior design mags too.
So if you want to get inspired and give your creative spirit a real jump start why not give Collage a go. 
First get yourself a nice piece of plain paper (doesn't matter what colour or size) some old magazines, a Glue Stick (these are great as they are not a wet glue, they dry fast and do not buckle your paper). Gather a pile of old Magazines and start by thumbing through the mags until you find things that attract you, stick to colours or shapes or a type of image you like..like flowers or birds or just shapes of different colours if you want to. This can keep the confusion to a minimum to start with as there are so many nice things that will jump out at you and you will have to stop yourself unless you want the house to be covered in bits of paper from one room to the next. Keep some old shoe boxes to put different things in like trees in one and animals in another etc as this helps next time you want to do more of this addictive paper fun.
Just start STICKING...do not get stuck in the trap of not gluing down from the get go or you will never make up your mind as to what you like, try not to THINK...just LOOK, LIKE, RIP or cut ( I like to rip as it is more hands on and leaves a nice rough edge) and then STICK. Keep going until you have covered your paper up with exciting bits and there is no paper left...overlap things and then let it sit for a while....go off  have a coffee.......when you come back you will then be able to discern the areas that need some more embellishment. For this I like to use a mix of wax crayons, fine black permanent markers and a white, gold or silver paint pens. If you let your artwork dry overnight you can sand lightly some of the shiny areas from the glossy pictures with fine sandpaper, then you can use watercolour paint to embellish these sanded areas..this can look fantastic and I will do some and put up a pic next time...so go on get those old mags out and start rippin and a stickin..and most of all have FUN!!
"Enhanced Light and Magic"  Mixed media collage by Jacqui Douglas

Crop of  "Enhanced Light and Magic"

Crop of "Enhanced Light and Magic"

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Macaron's anyone!!!

Wow, I am into making these amazing things....Macarons...or... Macaroons as some say..If you have not tried to make them and you like to cook give it a go. The feeling of shear joy in looking at these little creations is such fun. If they do not look picture book perfect who cares..eat them anyway as they still taste sensational! For a bit of colourful Mosaic fun in the kitchen try making them in all different colours and flavours...so so pretty and tasty.

This picture is from the most amazing web site I have found - http://www.laduree.fr/...The history of the Parisian tea salon is intimately tied to the history of the Ladurée family. It all began in 1862, when Louis Ernest Ladurée, a miller from France’s southwest, created a bakery at 16 rue Royale in Paris.
The web site is so cute with little animated drawings and the "sounds" of the real Salon..it really makes me want to go there one day. Have a good look around the whole web site as it is wonderful!. You can translate it into English by clicking the little box in the top right hand corner. The shop sells the most amazing packages of their equisite baked goods..such a great gift idea for someone special..ENJOY.

I am off to get some more fine sugar today so I will keep you posted with my Macaron experiments. E-mail me if you have some fun makng them too, I would love to hear about it and if you send me a photo I will put on here for all to see.

My focus today is a Proverb by King Solomon (d.925 B.C.E.) in The Book of Proverbs (15:30):-
"A Cheerful Expression brings Joy to the Heart, and Good News gives Health to the Bones"

A wonderful book is :- Get Wisdom, Get Insight: An introduction to Israel's Wisdom Literature. by Katherine J. Dell. Smyth & helwys, 2000.

Be the bearer of only GOOD NEWS today!

Sending best wishes and prayers to all in need around the world today.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Op shopping fun

I had a great day yesturday as my friend Bardie and I went op shopping for some bits and pieces for a Mosaic that she is working on ...We found some lovely glass things and old pottery and some too nice to cut up!!
I taught Bardie how to cut up her glass bowls and bits and then to use coloured grout to attach them to her work. Her imagination is now buzzing on overload.
These two photos show just a small collection of my op shop finds that I use in my Mosaics..I love old metal bits and bobs and always find great things at charity stores..I love to buy from them as my money goes towards helping others in need.
Bardie bought some fresh local Prawns and we had a wonderful meal of olives and crunchy bread with a fantastic mayo she had made to go with the prawns...delicious! oh.. and a wonderful glass of NZ Sauvignon Blanc to top off a great day!
I am off to work on the studio shelves today.
Have a great creative day everyone.

By the way my friend Bardie is 80yrs "young" and is so full of energy and creativity she puts me to shame most days!! I Love you Bardie - you give me so much more than you would ever know.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

N.Z. On day Intensive Mosaic Workshop Oct 21st

hi all, I am very happy to announce that I will be teaching a one day intensive mosaic workshop in New Zealand on the 21st Oct 2011. Here is the e-mail that the organisor Con Kiernan sent to me to pass on :-

To all mosaic artists. Spread the word to everyone you know about the
Contemporary Mosaic Art Exhibition. This is not copyrighted
material...send it out.

1. CONDITIONS OF ENTRY .DOC is attached. Please Read.
2. Because I don't have a secretary, your Registration of Interest
will help me a) file likely exhibitors in a neat bundle for
preservation and referral, b) finally decide if the whole event
should go ahead. See REGISTRATION below. Either copy and send by
snail mail or copy to Word document, fill out and return by email
3. Jacqui Douglas of Australia is goin to be the judge. She has
already booked her tickets because of price hikes at world cup time.
She is an internationally recognised mosaic artist. Google her name
and get the goods on her. Very versatile. She will also conduct a day
course for those of us who can physically get to the event; Saturday
22nd October during the Exhibition. She will charge $95.00 for the
day course. You will need to bring your tools. I will be able to
supply tiles and adhesives and grout because Tile Depot has become a
sponsor of the event, thinks The Exhibition is a great idea and will
supply materials free of charge. The adhesives will be Kerakoll and
the grouts, Kem products. Both of these product lines are available
from Tile Depot so easy access to good materials seems a good idea. I
will send out a fuller description of the course with the entry forms
I send you in due course.

Any issues you think I still need to get a grip on, get in touch.

By the way, a group in Christchurch are thinking of coming but at
least one person's house has been red-carded, Very sad. We wish them
well, us Mosaic Artists. Thinking of you all in Christchurch.

I look forward to the first task: Registrations. See below.
Best wishes everybody. If anybody has a problem with the email,
documents etc get in touch immediately. Ta!
Con Kiernan



…………………………………………………………. …



PH.NO: (…..)………………………




Are you interested in doing the Jacqui Douglas Day Mosaic



Labour Weekend 22st-24th October 2011

Welcome to the first nationally arranged Contemporary Mosaic Art Exhibition. It will be held in the Victoria Hall in Waikino in the Karangahake Gorge. Mosaic Art will have a specially allocated section of the Art Waikino Exhibition (AWE). AWE is now in its eleventh year and handles over 400 works (paintings, arts and crafts, photography and now mosaic art) of varying standards, is open to all-comers, 16yrs and over, and all art is for sale.

A) Contemporary Mosaic Art at Art Waikino:
Mosaic Art pieces can use a mixed media of glass, glazed and unglassed ceramic, marble, smalti, stained glass, pebbles, stone etc.
The competition will be judged on cutting quality (25%), form, line/design (25%), use of materials (25%) and tonal values (25%).
Maximum size will not exceed 600mm x 600mm and not exceed 10kgs and can be 2d or 3d. Table tops should not include legs or frames.
Each exhibit must have a suitable hanging system eg a) ‘D’ rings set 100mm from top and strong string attached; or French cut set into frame at back for slipping onto hook.
Pricing of your exhibit: Please include 20% commission on sales when pricing your exhibit.

B) Entry Fee:
$5.00 per entry. Limited to two (2) entries per person.

C) Closing Day of Entry: Friday 12th August 2011
Late entries will not be accepted.

D) Application for Entry:
To enter please a) email the following contact address to get Entry Form:
Email: con@diconpartners.co.nz

b) Post Entry Form with payment of Fees and Courier Return to:
Art Waikino Exhibition
Atten: Con Kiernan
NZ Mosaic Art
P.O.Box 290, Waihi 3641, New Zealand

c) or Hand Deliver to:
Helen Wilson, 58 Poland Street, Waikino,
Ph 07 863 6974 or
Con Kiernan, 87 Old Waitekauri Road, Waikino;
Ph 07 863 9509

NB: Late or Faxed Applications for Entry will not be accepted.
You will receive acknowledgement of receipt of entry which will be emailed as soon as possible. Entry form will show the elements you need to consider.

E) Delivery and Collection of Exhibits:
Four (4)Weeks before the Exhibition, the Exhibitor will receive identification labels to be attached to each parcel This label must be attached to the exhibit.
Packaging: Packaging should totally sandwich exhibits and include bubble-wrap for extra protection. This packaging must be re-useable for immediate return to sender by courier after exhibition. (NB Absolutely NO styrene pellets in packaging)
Courier cost for return delivery: You will need to send a return courier ticket, or cheque for same based on the cost already needed to sent package to the Exhibition.
Each package must include return delivery instructions.
Exhibit Delivery address:
By courier, post or by hand:
Helen Wilson, 58 Poland Street, Waikino, RD2 Waihi
Ph 07 863 6974 or
Con Kiernan, 87 Old Waitekauri Road, Waikino, RD2, Waihi;
Ph 07 863 9509
Delivery by Post or Courier:
Must arrive at an above address:
Between Monday 14th October and Friday 18th October 2011.
Delivery by hand:
Must arrive at Victoria Hall, Waikino between hours of 10am and 2pm Thursday 20th October 2011.
Late arrivals will not be accepted.

F) Judging Day:
The judge, Jacqui Douglas of Queensland, Australia will review all mosaic exhibits on Friday 21st October 2011. This event is not open to the public or exhibitors, the decisions are final and results will be revealed at the Opening Function at 6.30pm the same day. Awards will be given for Ist ($250.00), 2nd,($100.00) and 3rd ($50.00). Only the first prize will be announced. All awards will be recorded on each successful artpiece for the duration of the exhibition. All exhibits will remain on show throughout the Exhibition.

G) Opening Function Friday 21st October: 6.30pm; Tickets can be prepaid ($10.00 ea)at the time of Entry.

For further information please ring Con Kiernan, 07 863 9509

Waikino is a small town situated in the North Island of New Zealand nestled in the Southern end of a gorge alongside the Ohinemuri River, between Waihi and the Karangahake Gorge. The Waikino district lies at the base of the ecologically sensitive Coromandel Peninsula with its vast tracts of lush subtropical rainforests, steep ravines and fast moving rivers and streams. "Waikino" is Māori and means "water in a gorge' Gold mining around Waikino has a history dating back to early colonisation of New Zealand.




Saturday, March 5, 2011

Reba Rambo found on You Tube!!

Wow I had such a wonderful time listening to one of my all time favorite singers on line last night!! I finally found after all these years Reba Rambo on line!! A true blast from the 70's past for me. One of my friends gave me her album "Confessions" when I was 19yrs old and I played it to death...then I got a cassette tape made of it and carried it everywhere for years...then about 17yrs ago I lost it...Sob sob no more Reba until now!!
I also found some great Russian Painters on Youtube and that kept me up till 1am!!

I hope everyone is well and happy and creating today?

am still sorting out my work room/studio as we have had so much rain in these last few months that we have had 2inches of water in the new area for the third time!!
Still must not complain, many people have lost everything in the floods in different parts of Australia, they are in my prayers every day.

I have found this product called "Seal A Crete" http://www.sealacrete.com.au/index.html and I will be spraying this on the inside concrete walls and hope this will help to stop the water from coming in...it is meant to fill the tiny holes in the concrete to make it completely waterproof and then I can paint and it will be up with the shelves at long last...
Have a great day every one.

Reba Rambo-At Last I Found Love

Friday, March 4, 2011

Jacqui Douglas: Where have I been and what have I been up to?

Jacqui Douglas: Where have I been and what have I been up to?: "hi, I have been a little quiet on my blog for well.. er....um 3yrs!! eeek how the time flys..I can't believe that I have not looked at this ..."

Where have I been and what have I been up to?

hi, I have been a little quiet on my blog for well.. er....um 3yrs!! eeek how the time flys..I can't believe that I have not looked at this blog since 2008!
Well what have I been doing since closing the Smashing Things Mosaic Workshop and Retail store in Aug 2009? I have been busy with University studies finishing a degree in Fine Arts, and I have also been helping with my beautiful Grandchildren...four now and another little blessing due in July!
I still have been making Mosaics and Painting and have done some commissions for Japan and China. The last one was delivered in January to Xiamen, China and here are a few photos of it.....It is called "Heart Strings" and was commissioned as a gift given by the Sister Cities Assn of the Sunshine Coast Australia to their Chinese Sister City Xiamen. There was a Music exchange program in 2010 and this was to commemorate this, the Mosaic is to be placed on a wall in the Children's Imperial Palace in Xiamen city China.

Mosaic Diptych – Two panels 30cm by 60cm each.
Mosaic made with- 24ct Gold tesserae, Smalti, Marble and Ceramic tile, Glass, Metal objects.

This is the Story behind the making of the "Heart Strings" Mosaic :-
The image at the bottom shows a half of a Pipa which in this instance represents the Asian Culture of Xiamen China. At the top there is the image of half of a Violin, which represents the Western culture of the Sunshine Coast Australia.
The Heart and the Heartbeat is a metaphor for the joining of these two cultures.
The rhythm in the background shows many tesserae of all sizes and types, this is also a metaphor for the variety of people from our two cultures, glued together closely like this mosaic by the same human aspirations as they move through this journey we all call life.
The heart is in two pieces which is an auspicious number in China as good things come in twos, when the panels are hung together the two cultures of China (Xiamen) and Australia (Sunshine Coast) are joined forever in friendship.