Jacqui Douglas

"From little things Big things grow"

Saturday, July 9, 2011

long time no talk!

Sorry folks I have been pretty busy....have a new Grandbaby girl...Naomi Georgina Lavinia...Born 3 July 2011....4.22am...very cute....everyone happy and well.
I am busy doing my University assignments and also making some Mosaic commissions.
Also big news on the home renovation front...lots of workers building walls,steps and a new part on the existing veranda....everything looking a bit messy but it will get messier before it gets better they tell me....oh well at least it is getting done.
I am looking for an interesting Wrought Iron Gate..just missed out on one on Ebay the other night..damn!!
Here is Isabella (3yrs) with her new baby sister Naomi (when she was only 9hrs old).